Design-Build.You might think that it’s a simple approach of construction. However, it’s about a team works together from the beginning to the end with open discussions, and positive collaborations to end up with the best results. As the main motif of not only the owner, but also the architects, builders, engineers and estimators to get the best outcome of creative solutions and ideas, minimizing costs, and scheduling streamlined and efficient results

What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a construction delivery method that provides owners with a single point of contact for both the design and construction phases of a project.
One entity holds single-source responsibility and contractual risk for every aspect of a build — from estimation, assessments and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction and post-construction.
This entity, the Design-Builder, manages all contracts with companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors and materials providers

Benefits of Design-Build

Design-Build offers many unique benefits and advantages that other construction methods simply don’t deliver. It’s why 90 percent of our projects are Design-Build.
Some of the biggest benefits of Design-Build are rapid delivery, a smooth process, better solutions and better communication.